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81-Year-Old Picks Up Guitar In A Store, Shocks Everyone When He Starts To Rock Out

Some people are under the assumption that when you age, you begin to lose the abilities and skills that you had when you were younger. But that definitely isn’t always the case! When Bob Wood visited the British Audio Service in Nashville, people were blown away when he picked up a guitar and began rocking out.

Bob Wood is a former guitarist, Wheeling Jamboree member, and is the owner of a music store. The video filmed in 2014 when he was hoping to get some repairs quickly gained a lot of attention earning over 2 million views on Facebook.

His effortless strumming shows that he’s retained all of his skills and memory of the art and you can see the joy on his face as he strums and picks.

As he began gaining popularity from the video, Nashville NewsChannel 5 decided to interview Wood in order to get the full scoop. He explained that he had taken some amplifiers to get repaired, and he pulled out the Epiphone Riviera in order to check them out. British Audio Service employee Shane Radtke said that he heard someone playing something ‘pretty original’ and wanted to get a video of it.

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