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Man Who Assaulted, Killed Child Is Publicly Executed in Yemen

In today’s world, we face the tragic reality of inexplicable,and unjust crimes against children. Some of the potential faces of our future are sadly the victims of inhumane crimes that are eliminating those of the next generation. Every child is born with the hope to live a life of fulfillment and to take away that opportunity is villainous. A man was publicly executed for assaulting and killing a child, taking away any future they were destined for.

Muhammad al-Maghrabi, 41, convicted for the sexual assault and murder of a three-year-old girl, was put on display in the Yemeni capital this summer, as a large crowd of onlookers flooded Tahrir Square to witness his execution. Laid down handcuffed on a blanket on the ground, the man awaited his fate after committing this malevolent crime.

Hundreds gathered to witness, as the judge read out his death sentence. People watched on from rooftops and perched up on telegraph poles, as the murderer of young Rana al-Matari endured five bullets from an assault rifle.

Upon the arrival of the convicted man, the crowd shouted “Allah is the greatest,” as they awaited his imminent execution. Reuters photographer Khaled Abdullah, who witnessed the scene, said that the place has turned to complete chaos as the killer was escorted to the middle of the square. Security was tight, as there were fears that a revenge attack could take place by armed tribesman related to the young victim.


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