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Man Quit His Job 2.5 Years Ago And Sold Everything To Travel With His Cat Willow In A Campervan


Rich used to live in Hobart, Tasmania but back in May of 2015 he decided to quit his job and sell all of his possessions, including his house, and just travel the vast expanse that is Australia. But of course, he had to bring his cat, Willow, with him. The pair has been traveling ever since then and they have roamed over 50,000 kilometers together around Australia in a campervan.

The pair made it to South Australia by February of 2017 and have visited all six states and two territories of Australia.

Rich and his rescue cat have been traveling in their campervan for two and a half years now.

Rich has documented his travels and adventures with Willow on his social media and also on his website. He says that they have sailed the Great Barrier Reef, camped up mountains and have also gone all the way up to the Northern Territory.

Rich keeps a tracking collar on his cat so that he knows exactly where she is all the time.

‘Some people think it’s odd that I’m traveling with a cat, but Willow is so chilled out and absolutely loves our new lifestyle.’

He continues: ‘Willow is kept safe with a tracking collar which allows me to always know where she is. She spends most of her time off the leash and is always keen to explore around our camp.’

Rich explains that the collar helps him keep track of where Willow goes despite all the hikes that she sporadically goes on.

‘With the tracking collar, I have the peace of mind that if she decides to go for a hike I will be straight onto her.’

He goes on to explain that they have almost completed their travels and are almost back at their home state but they have no plans to stop traveling.

In conclusion, he wrote: ‘I’m so proud of Willow, she’s the cat that made my van a home and the whole of Australia her backyard. She’s the best travel buddy ever!’


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