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Baby On Hospital Ventilator After Man Shoves Finger Down Her Throat

Despite the overall encouragement from society, not everyone is capable of being an amazing parent. Fact is, some children come from abusive homes and are faced with a harsh reality where their parents do not care for them the way society claims they should.

Awful parents exist in every country and every culture and although things are getting better on the ‘see something, say something’ front there’s no denying that child abuse often goes unreported. In the case of a 5-month-old baby girl from South Carolina, the system wasn’t entirely helpful.

20-year-old Celeste Paula Marroquin and 23-year-old Ricardo Perez Salas are familiar with the Department of Social Services as Salas was prohibited from having contact with the 5-month-old girl. Unfortunately, it’s clear that Salas has not been following the order and Marroquin has not been upholding it either. Salas and Marroquin are accused of attempting to cover up their actions of abuse by denying the baby healthcare.

Both Marroquin and Salas were charged after the baby was taken to a pediatric intensive care unit on June 13 after suffering severe oral trauma at the hands of Salas. Police say that their investigation found that Salas had stuck his finger down the infant’s throat while she was crying for an extended period of time. This action led to severe damage.

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