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Man Gets Revenge On Some People Being Rude To Their Waiters


We should be judged based on our values, the things we say and our philosophies. Our characters and who we are as a person should denote our value and not outward things such as material possessions. How we treat others and especially those ‘lower on the social hierarchy’ should be a great marker as to how we are as people. If I am nice to the Queen and all her subordinates, that’s one thing. But if I am nice to royalty AND everyone else who isn’t royalty, then that is even better.

How we treat those that serve us can say a lot about our attitudes. Read on to find out more about two customers who were not only loud but also rude to the waiters.

Khalil Sehnaoui was at a coffee shop trying to get work done when a table nearby was creating quite the ruckus. 

They were loud, obnoxious and rude. Even after asking them to keep it down, they refused to heed his advice and continued on with their rambunctiousness.

The IndependentThe Independent

Khalil said on Twitter that the two men had apparently found the ‘perfect name for their new business.’ So, Khalil decided to get back at them by purchasing that domain name.


By buying up that domain name it prevented the two men from starting a website with their ‘perfect business name.’


This is not only an ingenious act of retribution but also a learning experience to keep your ‘perfect ideas’ hidden and quietly to yourself. 


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