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Man Rubs Hot Pepper On Girlfriend’s Underwear Before She Works Out

If you’re into watching vlogs on the internet you are most likely aware of the YouTube prank frenzy. The mega-hub of user-generated content holds hundreds of thousands of videos dedicated to a bunch of mindless prankster entertainment.

Pranks that are done well usually result in some kind of prank war between friends and families of the prankster. Many of these viral pranks are downright ridiculous while the other half are fake and merely click-bait.  

In a prank video, HammyTV pulls off there is no question whether or not his prank was real. As a matter of fact, his stunt just might land him in the prankster hall of fame.

HammyTV pranks his girlfriend by putting one of the world’s hottest hot sauces on her underwear before they go out for a run.

The prankster uses the scorching hot pepper that is “Satan’s Blood.” I would never dare to eat this stuff but this guy decided to place it on his girlfriend’s most intimate clothes without any consent. Foul.

Don’t try this at home folks. The YouTuber even placed a written warning clip in his video to make sure others understood the danger in the content that followed.

He mentions that the chili pepper description clearly states to not put it anywhere near the skin. But with no remorse Hammy TV smiles and proceeds.

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