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Man Sends Graduation Pics To Wrong Number, Stranger’s Reply Has The Internet Smiling

Although it may seem like the world is ready to end, there are some really good things happening if you know where to look. In this case, a young man recently graduated from college and sent his graduation photos to the wrong number. Normally such an exchange would be something like “who is this?” or “wrong number”, but in this case, there was only kindness.

Number Twitter / @YoungGus10

Justin Campbell, the college graduate at hand, received a wonderful, uplifting reply from the stranger he sent his graduation pictures to. The stranger wound up being a real estate agent named Roger Hawkins, an easy going father of three who moonlights as a punk rock singer every now and again

Hawkins responded to the text message with a selfie of his own, some encouraging words, and a personal iTunes playlist. Campbell, in typical 2017 action, took to Twitter to share the encounter which garnered thousands of retweets and likes within just a few hours. Hawkins’ response definitely put a smile on Campbell’s face and probably made a really happy day even more exciting.

Campbell did make a small mistake when posting the screenshots though, Turns out he actually forgot to block out Hawkins’ number, therefore, leading to a flood of text messages from strangers to Hawkin’s phone. Luckily Hawkins is pretty relaxed and doesn’t mind the influx.

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