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Man Shares Photos Of Racist Trump Supporter’s Car, Internet Reacts Appropriately


Nowadays it doesn’t take a lot to incite tons of anger and hatred online. Say something wrong or post an unfunny meme, and there you go, you have people ‘unfollowing’ you and saying you’re a troll. 

But for this one Twitter user, the photo that they shared online definitely deserved some of that hate. A Twitter user by the name of Krang T. Nelson showed a picture of the inside of a neighboring car’s dashboard which had a Nickelback CD, a noose and also a very weird car sticker.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the unknown owner of this car.

Their reactions were not only hilarious but also justified.

Krang posted a three part picture with a noose hanging from the rear view mirror, a Trump sticker that showed Trump ‘firing’ Obama, and what appears to be three Nickelback CDs.


Krang rightfully captioned this photo: ‘pretty sure I parked next to the worst person in the world today.’

Let’s decipher and analyze these images. The noose is obviously troubling because it has been inappropriately used as a sign of racial intimidation for white supremacists.

Furthermore, the noose can be seen as offensive to those who have dealt with people who have committed suicide.

The Trump sticker, which shows Trump grabbing Obama by the neck and then announcing that he is fired, is not even factually correct. (For those that are unaware: Donald Trump did NOT fire Barack Obama.)

And then there are the Nickelback CDs. Maybe the CDs stacked behind them are different ones, but based on the aforementioned images, it is safe to assume that it is a stack of strictly Nickelback CDs.

A Twitter user by the name of Blakesley also pointed out the car they were driving. ‘To top it all off, they’re driving a Chevrolet Equinox, a vehicle which has been described as ‘very bad’ and ‘not good.’’

Another user was quick to point out: ‘clearly that person enjoys the worst life has to offer in all aspects.’ Jim Davis was quick to say: ‘I couldn’t imagine a person whose Nickelback CDs were the third most offensive thing in their car.’


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