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Man Shaves For The First Time In Decades, Wife Doesn’t Recognise Him

Beards take a lot of effort to grow. You have to be willing to go through the itchy, uneven look to get to the point when you can shape them into something nice. When they’re done well, they can turn a cherub-faced pup into a strong handsome man. When they’re done wrong, well, you’ve all seen Duck Dynasty.

On Rachael Ray’s talk show she brought out Jeff, who looked more like he belonged in the Bayou than the streets of New York. Ray’s special guest that day was Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye, and he was tasked with totally transforming Jeff back into the man his wife married. Douglas brought Elena Linares from RazzleDazzle barbershop in Miami (which operates as a burlesque-barber-bar) to clean up his massive beard and long hair.


When asked how short he’d allow his beard to be trimmed, Jeff adorably answered “she married me with nothing on my face, so I’m willing to go that far.” It was a good decision.

When Jeff comes out dressed in a slick jacket and sweater instead of the overalls he came in with, no one recognized him – including his own wife! She couldn’t believe the difference, finally seeing the face she married after decades with a beard.

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