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Man Accidentally Skis Off 150-Foot Cliff And Captures The Whole Thing On His Helmet Cam

Has something ever happened to you that was so insane, you wish you had taken a picture of it? That problem is becoming less and less of an issue with new technologies like GoPros, dash cams, and smartphones.

Devin Stratton experienced just that during a “near death experience” when he was skiing last week. Using the GoPro he had received from his sister, that he hardly ever used, he managed to capture what it looks like when you ski off of a 150-foot cliff. He had attached the camera to his helmet in order to film a POV skiing video. 


In the short clip, Stratton skis down the bright slopes and passes a few fellow skiers. Suddenly, then things get a little scary when he plummets off of an unmarked cliff at the Wasatch Range in Utah. “Turns out I am afraid of heights,” Stratton admits.

Stratton told The Washington Post that he was glad he turned on the GoPro because even though it was a scary event, it’s a good moment to have captured on camera.

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