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Man Snaps Photo Of Mom Jumping Rope While Watching Son’s Game, Criticizes Her On Social Media


Being a parent is tough. Helping with your kid’s schoolwork, driving them to practice, making sure they have a social life—there is a lot on a parent’s plate. And then add to that the fact that parents have their own lives too and you can quickly understand why parents get so stressed out.

So when Erin Oprea decided to go watch her kid’s soccer game, she decided to get in a quick workout while she was there.

So during the game, she decided to stand off by the side and get a couple of jump ropes in.

Very quickly, a photo of her went viral with a caption that said: ‘would it be wrong of me to tell her that every dad at the soccer field thinks her standing out front with her jump rope for two hours only screams she wants attention?’

He completed his caption with: ‘and I can only imagine what the soccer moms are thinking.’

18381742_706393412876512_2075046550651797504_a Instagram

Erin, who seemed to be unfazed by the unsolicited taunt, went on Facebook to repost the unknown man’s photo. Her caption read: ‘don’t let others bully you!’

In an interview, she said: ‘it was crazy, why not kill two birds with one stone?’ (Exercising while watching her son’s soccer game.)

What the bully was unaware of was the fact that Erin is actually a personal trainer. Country superstar, Carrie Underwood, decided to come to her defense. On her social media, she said: ‘way to go Erin! Use someone else’s negativity to help others.’

She continued her post with: ‘that man obviously has a big problem…with himself. I only hope he can learn to like himself someday so he can be an adult and stop bullying others for bettering themselves.’

Since then, she has appeared on the TV show The Doctors to explain the whole ordeal: ‘the sad thing about this is, what discourages other women from working out is people like this.’

‘I’m hoping that this can help other women decide that it doesn’t matter what people say… it’s time to get out and do what we love doing!’


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