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After Little Girl Asks For Snack, Man Snaps, Stabs Her And Douses Her In Vodka

Among the list of crimes anyone can commit, murder of a child remains among the very worst. Thomas McClellan of Holt, Michigan will stand trial after he “snapped” and killed his five-year old stepdaughter in November.  

When Luna Michelle Younger asked McClellan for a snack and wouldn’t leave his room, he reportedly knocked her down, sat on her hips and stabbed her five times with a sharp object. He then covered her body in blankets, doused them with vodka and set it on fire.


Thomas McClellen Mugshot

Younger had already died when her body was burned, though firefighters on the scene still attempted CPR for the family’s sake. Corey Drolett, the first fireman on the scene looked all over the room for the girl, thinking she would be hiding from the fire. He then realized that she was under the blankets, and passed her lifeless body out a window to Jeffery Young, his commanding officer. Young was the one who ordered CPR because he “felt that would show [the mother] that we were attempting some effort.”

Younger’s mother Victoria convinced McClellan to turn himself in just a few hours after the initial fire call was made. She had been at work when it happened, and testified that the couple had “bickered” earlier that day.

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