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Man Fed Up With Daily Commute Starts Swimming To Work


For those that work in any sort of urban city, the commute to and from work can be quite tedious. The bumper to bumper traffic along with everyone’s mad dash to the office only makes for quite the hectic drive. So people either opt to use the subway (which is prone to delays), walking or simply taking a bike (both of which will probably leave you sweaty and stinky.)

But this one man from Munich, Germany chose a wildly different, and wet, approach.

Yes, you got that right. This man swims in a river in order to avoid the traffic as he heads to work.

Benjamin David from Munich, Germany decided to start swimming to work. While some health freaks would simply go for a run or a swim BEFORE work, Benjamin chose to swim TO work.


His alternative method of commuting was taking the Isar River in Munich. Every morning, Benjamin packs all of his work essentials (yes it includes his Macbook) along with a towel into a waterproof floating bladder.

This waterproof backpack floats alongside him as he swims the 1.2 miles to his workplace. Some days, he will even stop for a cappuccino at the cafe near the area where he resurfaces.

He says that his colleagues give him a sly grin when he gets to work all dripping wet but he also says that he’s actually convinced several co-workers to take the plunge with him.

Personally, I don’t know how I would feel sitting next to a group of people who just swam in a river. As if bringing steamed fish to work didn’t stink enough!

But on a serious note, Benjamin says that since the weather in Munich isn’t ‘swimmable’ year-round, he keeps track of the water temperature online and also switches to a wet suit in the winter.

Furthermore, he also wears sandals in the water in order to prevent any scrapes and cuts from the riverbed. After all, it is a river and who knows what dangerous or toxic materials have been tossed in there.

He says that sometimes he gets laughed at by pedestrians or random passersby but he says this choice of commute is much quicker and more relaxing.


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