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Man Who Invented Blue Whale Suicide Game Makes Disgusting Claim About His Victims


Video games can have a lot of positive effects on people. From a quicker response time to increased hand-eye coordination, video games can actually provide a lot of benefits besides just the gory, animated fun. But a recent game floating around social media these days has been nothing but negative. It’s been so detrimental that some deaths have been linked to it in real life.

Allegedly, the Blue Whale game has been responsible for at least 17 teen suicides. The game preyed on the vulnerable and insecure teens by using a complex combination of elements. Authorities are still investigating the claims that there is a connection between the suicides and the video game.

Read on to find out what the inventor of this game had to say about the tragedies.

Blue Whale is a social media game that brings players through fifty tasks that get increasingly dangerous.


Each player is designated a ‘mentor’ and the goal of the game is to break down each player both physically and mentally.

3Siberian Times

The last and final challenge encourages the players to take their own lives. The game implements images and subliminal messages through the use of scary pictures and videos.

1Siberian Times

Players could see the picture of an approaching train. It was captioned: ‘this world is not for us.’ Another showed an image of teens on the roof with the caption: ‘we are children of the dead generation.’

sibera=ian timesSiberian Times

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