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Man On Instagram Demonstrates Ancient Bucket Fishing Technique

If you don’t like fish or seafood, this video might make you a bit squeamish as it’s about to get insanely fishy. Have you ever wondered what it might be like for a fisherman on a small boat to pull in their haul? If the answer is yes, then buckle up because you’re about to witness it! 

Posted to Instagram, this fascinating video shows to fisherman in what appears to be a canoe. The man filming sings a cheery tune as the other begins to hoist something out of the water. At first it’s kind of hard to tell what the large seemingly heavy object is. It almost looks like a canon at first.


We’re shocked that this fisherman is able to keep his balance as he slowly turns the object which is revealed to be a basket to the side. He has to stand up on the seat of the boat and is wearing only swimming trunks and a cap—a wee bit under-dressed compared to some other fisherman with pants, boots and coats.

As he finally brings the heavy basket into the boat, he begins to open the lid as his companion yells “fish!” What happens next is shocking and almost unbelievable as he reveals the contents in the basket.

When the basket opens, movement can already be seen from a small crack in the basket. As the fishermen pulls a crate over to empty the fish into, fish begin pouring out into the boat and flopping around his feet.  

The more he pours the more the boat begins to fill up with fish. It isn’t long before the crate is full and the basket still isn’t empty! It’s remarkable that none of the fish escaped back into the water. We’re guessing the basket is designed so that fish can swim in, but can’t get out. 

The sounds of the fish hitting the boat is a little unnerving, but if you keep in mind that these fish are going to feed hungry families it’s quite impressive. We’re willing to bet that this was a successful day on the river for these fisherman. Check out the crazy video below!


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