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Man With ‘Devast8’ Face Tattoo Has Reportedly Turned Down 45 Job Offers

New Zealand ex-convict, Mark Cropp, says he’s simply working toward reforming himself and although he had turned down 45 job offers, he isn’t doing so out of ungratefulness. Cropp took to social media to plead for a chance at work and was soon flooded with job offers, however, he claims he is still waiting on the perfect opportunity and he must be cleared by his parole officer before he can start any sort of new employment.

Tatoo2 Facebook / Taneia-Mark Ruki-Cropp

The 19-year-old father turned to Facebook after prospective employers allegedly laughed at the tattoo sprawled across his face from ear to ear. The next day, Cropp met with Herald Focus, and his story quickly spread across the globe. Many sympathized with Cropp’s desire to turn his life around for his daughter and events began to snowball.

Cropp became an overnight sensation, his face plastered on hundreds of Facebook pages. He was soon getting a variety of friend requests and messages asking for interviews. Cropp says he’s even been asked to write blog posts and if he would like to be the subject of a novel.

However, the best offer Cropp received was a free tattoo removal from a tattoo parlor in Kingsland—an offer that he was all too happy to accept. With his tattoo gone, Cropp will be able to get that fresh start he was looking for. He hopes that his daughter will not have the same rough upbringing that he had so that she can avoid the same path.

Cropp was arrested before his daughter had even been born. His partner was eight months pregnant at the time, and Cropp had been arrested after threatening a tourist with a knife after a drug deal went wrong.

Cropp’s tattoo was given to him by his brother while serving time in jail in hopes that it would scare off other prisoners. They were both drunk at the time. The tattoo had been inspired by Cropp’s former nickname “Devast8.” Cropp was incarcerated for two years and three months.

“I regret what I did, you know,” Cropp said, expressing his regrets about the violent crime. “People shouldn’t have to come to New Zealand and have that put upon them. I apologized one-hundred percent and asked for restorative justice with them. If I could turn back time, I would.” Cropp has also noted that for many jobs he’d been offered, he would need a car which is something he, unfortunately, does not have yet.

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