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Man Tries To Mansplain One Of Chrissy Teigen’s Followers On Twitter, Gets Shut Down Quickly

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Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to stirring up some controversy on her social media. Specially her Twitter page. She’s very vocal about a number of things, especially when it comes to politics. But this time, the attention is on her followers.

Recently, Teigen tweeted about her frustration with the current administration and her followers had a few things to say about it.  One in particular, with the handle Memphissippian, noted that she has seen a rise in PTSD-like symptoms in her patients.

She tweeted, writing “I’ve been seeing an increase in PTSD like symptoms in my minority clients due to current administration and culture.” Shortly after, a mansplainer who was desperate to prove himself attacked Memphissippian for talking about PTSD, something he believed she knew nothing about.

He tweeted in response to Memphissippian, “you obviously don’t know what PTSD is, otherwise you wouldn’t be making flippant comparison. Shame on you.”

#1 Twitter @teamjacobjonesTwitter @teamjacobjones

This guy seriously should have thought twice before making such a bold comment. But Memphissippian had a quick comeback.

#3 Twitter @CuntrycounselorTwitter @cuntrycounselor

She tweeted in response to this guy, “I’m a psychotherapist that owns a mental health clinic…and a Ph.D. candidate. You got on a tank top.”

#8 VibeVibe

In fact, this user has discussed PTSD on her own Twitter account multiple times before, proving she knows what she’s talking about.

#2 Twitter @CuntryCounselorTwitter @Cuntrycounselor

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