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These Are The Parts Of A Man’s Body Women Check Out First According To Science

Love at first sight’ might actually be more than just a corny quote since a recent study conducted by a London-based company called Think Eye Tracking determined what parts of a man’s body a woman notices first. The study was performed with an advanced eye tracking technology that tracks the gaze and glances of the study participants.

All participants (both male and female) were given an identical picture of a man in a swimsuit.

The machine would then track the eye movements of the participants when they are given this picture in order to determine what they look at first and last.

Interestingly enough, a woman’s gaze would almost always never go to a man’s privates whereas men were much more likely to stare at another man’s junk.


The below picture is a heat map that showcases the most viewed areas of the images that the eye-tracking technology was able to determine.

Using this data, the researchers were able to surmise that a woman would generally first look at a man’s midsection, followed by his face, shoulders and then biceps.

According to a sex and relationship expert named Wendy Walsh, she says that this female preference has to do with our ancestors seeking a male companion that could protect and provide.


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