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Beautiful Mansion Is On The Market For Only $89,900, But No One Is Buying It

Everyone has that dream to be able to live in a mansion. Even if you’re not one for that extravagant lifestyle, being able to stay at a mansion for a day or two would be pretty nice. But sadly, they’re all so expensive.

Except for one. That’s right. There’s a mansion that is absolutely gorgeous and it’s up for sale for a pretty decent price. You can basically have your dream come true and move into a massive home and pay nothing for it.  

So why hasn’t anyone bought it yet? We’re talking about a beautiful mansion that is on the market in South Carolina. It’s on the market and it’s only going to cost you $89,90. But apparently, no one is buying it.

The reason why no one is buying it? As you’ll see in the pictures, it’s an old Victorian house in need of a lot of fixing. But we think the vintage look adds a touch of allure to this incredible historical home.

Located in Darlington, SC, the house features a double-decker and a wraparound porch that’s perfect for an old-house lover.

It’s just waiting to be swept off its feet and restored. According to, there’s a lot of potential inside the 4-bedroom home.

It is known as the G.O Mertz House. It has several mantels, stained glass, and an absolutely gorgeous staircase.

Looking at the photos, we can honestly say that this house has an endless amount of potential. Someone definitely needs to purchase it immediately.

There’s a ton of bonuses that come along with the house as well. The home is located on 1.5 acres in Darlington’s West Broad Street Historic District.

That means that it’s surrounded by dozens of Victorian-era homes, many that were previously owned by the city’s most prominent and affluent residents.

Harold Penwell, of Western Reserve Realty Group, is in charge of listing the house. He said that he’s shown the house to over 60 people this year but no one has bought it. The purchaser would have to take a sizeable loan to fix the old house—at least $60,000 just for repairs.


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