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Most of us would love to live in a mansion, and would be willing to put up with a multitude of other things as long as we get a big gorgeous home to call our own. There is a mansion being sold right now for a price so cheap it will make you second guess what you are seeing. The home has:

  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4 baths
  • 5,000 square feet of living space

And the asking price for it? $137, 900! It’s not even close to being half a million dollars, in fact it’s not even one 4th of a million dollars. Pretty amazing for a home of that size, right?

There is a catch though, and it would be a deal breaker for most people interested in purchasing the massive home. That catch is the location of the mansion.

This gorgeous and extremely affordable mansion is so cheap because of where it is located, which is the city of Winner, South Dakota.

Screenshot 2017-01-23 at 2.31.37 PM

Winner is a small city in an already sparsely populated state. The population is just under 3,000; that should tell you how small this place is!

Like any small city or town, there is not much to do in “downtown” Winner, so it’s safe to say that whoever purchases this home will be spending a lot of time inside of it.

The weather in South Dakota is much less favorable than that of other states, with long, cold, windy winters—another reason people are hesitant to move to South Dakota. Unless you are an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hunting, we feel most people would struggle with adjusting to life in Winner, South Dakota. This is why the owners of the home have made the asking price so low. They are hoping the fact that a huge mansion is so cheap will win people over despite its location.

The inside of the home is done in a gorgeous classic vintage look, with some rooms boasting very dark walls and others being much lighter.

The realtor of the home, Rick Shippy, pointed out that it is very rare for a home in Winner to be put on the market with a price tag above $100,000.

Describing the home, Shippy added: “It’s a really neat house. It’s been around here a long time.” Shippy grew up just around the corner from the mansion.

It’s over a century old and when Shippy was growing up near it, it was called “Read Mansion” by locals because the owner at the time was Mabel Read.

The known history of the house is that it was built in 1914, but who built it and why it was built in Winner is something of a local mystery.

Local legend stipulates that the house was made from a bunch of houses being moved to the area and being joined together. It certainly doesn’t look like that though.

Shippy says that finding property in the area that is even close to a 100,000 dollars is rare. He estimates that he gets about 5 listings per year that come close to that range. ‘But nothing with this kind of square footage’ he added.

The house is a total of 5, 575 square feet which means that for each square foot, you are paying less than 25 dollars. Compare that to the cost of a square foot in New York City!

The house went on the market at the beginning of 2017 and Shippy says it did not take long for the calls to start coming in. Their website got 22,000 hits the first day the listing went up. ‘We’re getting comments from California, Florida, all over the country.’

‘I think there were hunters that had stayed in it hunting from different states. People are sharing it all over the country.’ If you need a home that doubles as a hunting lodge, this is it.

We mentioned Mabel Read, whose family owned the home for most of the 20th century before selling it to a local business owner. Then it was sold to a local surgeon who turned it into a hunting lodge.

When the surgeon passed away, the house was rented to a doctor from the area. Shippy says that the time has come to sell the home again, and that he has not shortage of offers for it. Seems like most people are willing to put up with any locations for a cheap mansion.


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