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Marine Catches His Girlfriend Cheating Using Facetime


If you’ve ever been in a relationship where your significant other has cheated on you, you probably know how much it hurts and the devastation it causes for a relationship. Possibly the only thing worse than finding out your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating is actually catching your boyfriend or girlfriend in the act.

This is what happened to a marine who was away from home and at training. He created a fake Facebook page to contact his girlfriend and used the fake profile to set up a time to FaceTime with her under the guise of a different man.

Little did his girlfriend know, she was about to be in for a big surprise.

Daniel Herdklotz is a young marine who hails from Berrien Springs, Michigan. He was very much in love with his girlfriend.

marine01 |

When Daniel had to leave for marine training, he left his girlfriend behind without any doubt that she would be there waiting for him when he returned.

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Although Daniel had not yet been deployed and was only in training, he began to have suspicions about his girlfriend after only a month of being away.

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Soon, Daniel began to hear rumors that his girlfriend was playing around behind his back. He wanted to find out for himself if the rumors were true.

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Daniel set up a fake Facebook account to trick his girlfriend. He wanted to use the fake profile to convince her to set up a FaceTime date with him.

Daniel even recorded a video of the moment he FaceTimed her. It’s safe to say that he caught her off-guard.

He posted the video on YouTube and it went viral. The video now has over 1.4 million views, and people have a lot to say about it.

The video starts with Daniel sitting down with his phone in his hand. “My girlfriend has decided to play behind my back and talk to other guys while I’m gone,” he tells the camera.

“I’ve been gone for about a  month over here in training for the marines,” he says.

“She thinks it’s okay to play behind me, so I set up a fake Facebook account and started hitting her up,” Daniel continues.

“She thinks she’s about to FaceTime this guy on Facebook but it’s me.” Daniel then sits back and starts to FaceTime her on his phone. The phone rings a few times and then his girlfriend picks up.

“Hi, so you want to play this game? You didn’t think it was me that was calling, did you?” Daniel says, and then his girlfriend hangs up.

Clearly not finished with the subject, Daniel tries calling her back, but she does not answer.

“Whatever, there’s more fish in the sea,” he says and gives the camera a quick smirk.

There has not been an update as to what the aftermath of this cringeworthy confrontation was, but a quick peek at Daniel’s Facebook page shows a visibly single, carefree marine who loves his family and loves God.

Although Daniel really could have (and probably should have) handled this situation in a different way, cheating is never excusable. We’re  just happy that he found out before it was too late.


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