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Marine Catches His Girlfriend Cheating Using Facetime


If you’ve ever been in a relationship where your significant other has cheated on you, you probably know how much it hurts and the devastation it causes for a relationship. Possibly the only thing worse than finding out your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating is actually catching your boyfriend or girlfriend in the act.

This is what happened to a marine who was away from home and at training. He created a fake Facebook page to contact his girlfriend and used the fake profile to set up a time to FaceTime with her under the guise of a different man.

Little did his girlfriend know, she was about to be in for a big surprise.

Daniel Herdklotz is a young marine who hails from Berrien Springs, Michigan. He was very much in love with his girlfriend.

marine01 |

When Daniel had to leave for marine training, he left his girlfriend behind without any doubt that she would be there waiting for him when he returned.

marine02 |

Although Daniel had not yet been deployed and was only in training, he began to have suspicions about his girlfriend after only a month of being away.

marine03 |

Soon, Daniel began to hear rumors that his girlfriend was playing around behind his back. He wanted to find out for himself if the rumors were true.

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