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Mark Wahlberg Responds To Justin Bieber Sending Him Underwear Pictures

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, Mark Wahlberg revealed that Justin Bieber sent him his Calvin Klein ads. Apparently, the Boston-born actor was not very thrilled about the gesture, saying: “You don’t send a guy pictures like this.” 

A little bit of background: Wahlberg once posed for a Calvin Klein ad back in the 90s, at the height of his Marky Mark fame. Back in the day, it wasn’t as common to cast a pop star in a fashion campaign, which is hard to imagine because it’s such a common practice today. Wahlberg is definitely one of the faces that helped the fashion world transition to the point where more mainstream celebrities can become spokespeople for brands, so it makes sense that Bieber would want his professional opinion on the photoshoot.


During the interview, Conan brings up the Calvin Klein ads by placing Bieber’s next to Wahlberg’s and asking him how he felt about it. After commenting on how odd he thought if was to get the pictures sent to him personally by Bieber, Wahlberg had a few words to say about Justin.

“He was proud, you know, it was a big deal for him to do,” said the actor. “And I was like, I am at 45, a dad and a husband, a father of four, I’m trying to move away from that image. But, you know what? People give him flack for growing up in the spotlight and they say he has a bit of an attitude.”

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