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Mark Wahlberg Says He Will Go Back To Prison If Justin Bieber Ever Dates His Daughter

Once upon a time Mark Wahlberg was a titan of the music industry. Okay, maybe not a titan, but people liked him for a little while. Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch had a #1 hit with “Good Vibrations” in 1991, and a follow up top-ten with “Wildside”. He was even nominated for a Grammy in 1993, unfortunately losing to the ever-popular Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot.

So when a certain musical megastar was over at his house recently, he likely had some insight into his personal life. That’s why, when his eldest daughter Ella proclaimed that she was going to marry him one day, Wahlberg laid down the law.


On Ellen, Wahlberg gave up that it was Justin Bieber who he had over for dinner and that his daughter, who is 13 now, is absolutely in love with him. Even though she turned on him in his younger days, the new Bieber is back in her good books – just not her dad’s.

Wahlberg told her,“Over both of your dead bodies. I’ll just go back to jail” when she proposed the match. He’s referring to the sentence of two years in prison he received after pleading guilty to assault after initially being charged with attempted murder.

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