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Happily Married Couple Reveal They Have Never Lived Together


When a couple gets married that usually marks the beginning of a lifelong journey. Some tend to celebrate with a lavish and luxurious honeymoon while others prefer a simple getaway. However, for this one UK couple, they have been married for 16 years but can count on one hand the number of times they’ve spent the whole night together.

Claire and David who share a son together live in separate houses.

The couple state that this unusual living arrangement is what makes their relationship so strong and unbreakable.

A typical night for this couple would be them in front of a television sharing a glass of wine. But when it gets dark, the couple say their goodbyes and David makes his 10 to 15-minute drive back to his house.

Claire, 49, said: ‘it just doesn’t work for us to live in each other’s pockets. On our wedding night, we spent the whole night together and it was awful.’

Claire continued on by saying: ‘it was one of the hottest days of the year and we were exhausted after the long day, we just fell asleep with lots of fans on. We’re both used to having the bed to ourselves.’

The couple state that not seeing each other that often and not living with each other means that they get to keep their independence and that they will ‘miss each other even more.’

The couple met while Claire worked as an admin for the West Yorkshire Fire Service and David was training to become a firefighter.

In an interview, Claire said: ‘David works shifts so we spend a lot of time in the day together and we might occasionally sit and watch a film but cozy nights are few and far between.’

‘We get the best time of the day together because it’s just us, while Jay is at school, and we can go for lunch or coffee.’


Besides physically separating from each other, this couple also keeps their bank accounts separate. They say that this allows them to make purchases without having to worry about the other party ‘nagging.’


The couple shares a son, Jay, who is now seven years old, and Jay spends his time at both homes which are about 4 miles apart.


The couple decided to marry after giving birth to Jay and finding out he has Down’s Syndrome. Claire said that this was done because David’s job as a firefighter is so risky and they wanted to provide some security for their son.


The couple maintains that they are ‘soulmates’ and that living apart is something that has only benefitted them and they encourage other couples to give it a try.


David concluded by saying: ‘men and women are very different, there is no denying that, so by not living together we don’t have to compromise or change who we are. I’m still in love with the person I met 16 years ago because she hasn’t had to change.’



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