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The Crazy Iguana Chase Scene Gets Narrated By Marshawn Lynch And It’s Pure Perfection

The sequel to the critically acclaimed nature docuseries Planet Earth, has already offered spectators some awe-inspiring footage of wildlife. However, one Redditor decided to swap out Sir David Attenborough’s narration with one of this series’ most famous scenes and the results are hilarious.  

BBC released a clip last month to promote the release of Planet Earth II, which quickly took the Internet by storm. The footage shows an incredibly intense chase scene involving an iguana trying to escape a swarm of snakes in the Galapagos.


While Attenborough’s narration offers some insight to the iguana’s dire situation, Redditor “TheCoachTaylor” decided to try out a different audio source. Swapping in the audio of Marshawn Lynch’s commentary on his legendary “Beast Quake” run, this iguana chase gets a comedic dose of NFL history.
“TheCoachTaylor” managed to perfectly suture together Lynch’s commentary with the visual chaos of this iguana’s seemingly impossible dash to freedom. Turns out sports audio and nature documentary footage make more of an effective combination that one would think.

The commentary comes from when Marshawn Lynch famously managed to break through a mob of Saints defenders for an incredible touchdown run in the 2011 NFC Wild Card.

During his iconic “Beast Quake” run, Lynch had a 67-yard touchdown run in which he broke nine tackles and even threw down Saints cornerback Tracy Porter with just one arm.

The audio of Lynch’s incredible run makes the perfect mashup with this iguana’s intense and seemingly improbable escape from the wrath of a den of snakes.


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