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10 Marvel Superhero Movie Moments That Actors Did Not See Coming


Marvel movies have become increasingly popular over the years. With the rising popularity of all things Marvel (and all things superheroes), it’s only a given that blockbuster Marvel movies with A-list actors are making the franchise millions of dollars.

What you may not know about Marvel movies is that a lot of the scenes are unscripted and improvised. Not many of these scenes actually make it to the final cut, and the ones that do are hilarious but easy to miss.

Here are 10 marvel superhero movie moments that actors did not see coming.

1. While filming The Avengers, Robert Downey Jr. frequently hid snacks around the set for cast and crew to find. He did it so much, in fact, that the filmmakers eventually made snacking a part of his character.


In one of the scenes in the movie, Robert Downey Jr. pulls out blueberries. He offers them out to other cast members and even snacks on a few himself. These scenes were entirely unplanned, but the filmmakers decided to go along with it.


2. Anthony Hopkins is a legendary actor who is known to fully throw himself at every single role he plays. In a scene in Thor, Anthony Hopkins lets out a completely improvised growl which surprises the other actors.


In this particular scene, Thor is banished by Odin, who also takes his hammer away from him. In this scene, Odin lets out a huge and unscripted growl which his fellow cast members did not see coming.


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