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Award-Winning Matador Was Tragically Killed After Tripping On His Cloak

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Bullfighting has been around since the ancient days. You can see how far it dates back in a wall painting in Crete that dates back to about 2000 BC. It depicts a male and female confronting a bull. But it’s also a deadly sport. Recently, a famous Matador ended up being killed during a bull-running festival in Mont-de-Marsan, a city located in the southwest of France.

Matadors are performers. They dress up in a distinctive costume that consists of a silk jacket covered in gold, skintight trousers, and a hat. The Matador uses a large cape to greet the bull and maneuver it. 

The matador in this story was tragically killed because of an incident involving the long cape. It’s a dark reminder that this sport is full of bloody risks.

36-year-old Ivan Fandino died in a French town close to the Spanish border. He had been in the Matador industry for 12 years.


According to reports, Fandino got tangled in his cape while leering the bull into it and the animal ended up piercing his lung.

The Matador had fought hundreds of bulls during his bullfighting career. But no experience could have prepared him for this freak accident.

Once in the ambulance, Fandino’s heart gave out and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Warning: some of the photos showing the incident, and the moments that followed it, are graphic. 

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