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Personality Test: What Do You See Inside The Maze?


There are a plethora of personality tests online, but this Japanese maze test reveals hidden aspects your personality that you may not have known. In order to take this quiz, you just need a few tools ready to go:

  • A piece of paper,
  • A pen.
  • An open imagination.

The following personality test will send you on a notional journey and ask specific questions about what you visualize in specific areas of the scenario. For the best results, write down the first thing that pops into your head without overthinking your response.

After you’ve written down your answers, the last page will tell you what each of those responses mean about your personality. Let’s begin!

First, take a moment to imagine that you are walking throughout a mystical forest with someone of your choice. Write down the name of the person you are walking with.

maze1500 px / Alena Dubinksaia

After veering deeper into the mysterious forest, you both end up stumbling across an animal. Write down what kind of animal it is.


Describe the type of interaction that takes place between you and the animal.

As you continue your adventure, you find yourself deep in the forest when you notice a clearing. As you approach the clearing, you discover an abandoned maze. How big is the maze that you see?

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