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Matthew McConaughey Reacts To News Of Co-Star’s Death On The Red Carpet

Sam Shepard was an American playwright, actor, author, director, and screenwriter. His extensive body of work lasted more than half a century and he is the owner of 10 Obie Awards (more than anyone else) for writing and directing.


Gifted with a handsome face, Sam could have easily starred in many Western flicks. Wary of celebrity status and reluctant to become a movie star, Sam instead focused his attention on creating plays that showcased the darker side of the American family life.

His work was unique in that it was extremely critical of American culture and he loved to explore the idea of ‘tradition.’ During a time when many movie directors and playwrights focused on creating blockbuster movies that raked in millions of dollars, Sam was much more inclined to focus on American culture, the disillusionment of the American Dream and also relationships between the past, present, and future.

Sam died at 73 years old from complications due to a motor neuron disease known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. As many mourned the death of the Pulitzer-winning playwright, the news was broken to Matthew McConaughey and his genuine, heartfelt response was more than indicative of the pivotal role that Sam played in the public’s eyes.

Matthew McConaughey was on the red carpet for the premiere of Dark Tower when a journalist approached him and informed him of Sam’s death. The shocked look on Matthew’s face was evident that he was unaware of the news but his subsequent response shows how much he truly cared.

Holding back tears and clutching his forehead, Matthew can be seen trying to process the fact that Sam passed away. He asks the reporter: ‘Sam Shepard moved on?’

As the interview comes to an end, Matthew can be seen pointing to the sky while giving a thumbs up and saying: ‘we lost one of the great ones. Great writer, great mind. All right, see you in the next one Sam.’ Click the video below to see Matthew’s response and reaction. And our condolences are with the Shepard family at this time and may Sam Shepard rest in peace.


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