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Man Uses McDonald’s Box And iPhone To Take Portraits, The Results Are Surprising

Have you ever seen portrait pictures taken by very talented photographers and been in awe of the magic? There’s much more to photography than owning an expensive camera, but the kind of detail that images have can make photos look more professional.

Top notch cameras and their equipment cost incredible amounts of money, and unless photography is your profession or your life’s passion – it’s unlikely that you’d spend that amount. In his new installment of portraits, French celebrity photographer Philippe Echaroux has challenged the notion that great photos can only be taken with expensive equipment.

He constructed a photo rig out of his iPhone, a drinking straw, a Big Mac burger box, and a flashlight. The results are a marvel to witness and will hopefully inspire you to initiate your own DIY photoshoot!

First, Echaroux used a flashlight, a drinking straw, and a Big Mac box to make the lighting rig. 

After he completely assembled it, here’s what it looked like. It doesn’t look fancy, but it did the trick.

Using his DIY photo rig, which he attached to his iPhone, he began to photograph people.

He had several subjects and took some shots of them. 

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