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Mom Accuses McDonald’s Of Giving Daughter Inappropriate Interview

An Australian mom was furious after her daughter had a McDonald’s job interview that left her feeling “sexually harassed and racially vilified.”

In her Facebook post about the subject, Rita Pryce said that her daughter recently had her first job interview at a McDonald’s near the family’s Manoora home. Her daughter was interviewed by a “senior staff member,” but felt uncomfortable minutes into the interview, when the staff member interviewing her started to ask her questions like “Do you think you’re beautiful?” and “16 and still no job?”

The questioning became even more intense when the girl mentioned that she was a Torres Strait Islander, one of Australia’s indigenous communities. The staff member started interrogating her about where she came from and asked her if she knew what 2 + 2 equaled. She responded with the answer “Yep, it’s 4 in our country too!”. When the girl said that she was “bubbly” as part of an interview question, he interrupted her to say that “someone who is bubbly makes a lot of mistakes.” After the interview, the girl returned to her mother’s car, in tears and “scared.”

Pryce says that she attempted to make a complaint with the store, but was met with polite unconcern. When she asked the manager how many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were employed there (given that the area has a high population of Torres Strait Islanders), she says that “he could not and did not answer.” She received a phone call saying that the McDonald’s had changed policy so that there would always be more than one person doing the interview, but that the interviewer was still working for the store.

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