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Customer Says McDonald’s Owes Apology To Child Who Saved Up Change

A 12-year-old boy was recently refused at McDonald’s in Saint John for trying to use change to pay for his junior meal.

The boy, Tim Beck, had saved up enough of his own money to purchase a junior meal but when he extracted the change he had in a Tupperware container, the cashier allegedly turned him down. A customer behind Beck, Jerry Cromwell, paid for Beck’s meal and gave a statement to the press regarding the incident.

He told CBC, “[The cashier] didn’t say, ‘No, sorry, we can’t take your change, we’d love to help you,’ something to make him feel better, you know what I mean?” He added that the cashier “crushed the kid.”

Allegedly, Cromwell had overheard the cashier say she couldn’t take more than $5.00 in change when Beck had attempted to pay a total of $7.00. Cromwell paid for the meal and while he explained that he didn’t want any reimbursement, Beck insisted that he repay him with the coins, which he then gave him. Once Cromwell got home he told his girlfriend, Courtney Breau, the story, who then uploaded the ordeal to a Facebook post that has since been removed for unknown reasons.

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