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McDonald’s Reveals They Are Launching The McVegan

Animal lovers everywhere can rejoice, as for the first time in history, McDonald’s is launching an all-new McVegan sandwich. Yes, you heard correctly. The test launch for this new vegan fast-food product is being held in Tampere, Finland, which is the only location in the world testing the product for consumption with Finnish consumers.

The announcement was made when growing numbers of a new generation of health and animal-rights-conscious consumers voiced concerns about a lack of veggie products ahead of their meat, egg and dairy ingredients.

The burger itself is made from a very special blend of 100% vegetarian-based hamburger, fresh slices of tomato, lettuce, pickles, and a brand new vegan McFeast sauce. There is no word yet on what exactly the burger tastes like. The test launch in Finland is said to run from October 4th to the end of November.

There has been some debate about the validity of whether or not McDonald’s french fries are actually vegan as well, but a spokesperson for the McDonald’s marketing in Finland said: “Yes, they are made here in Finland from potatoes and baked in vegetable oil. The fries are completely vegan.” Whether or not this is the same for every part of the world, this has yet to be determined.

McDonald’s saw a large dip in sales when a new generation of more health-conscious people decided to opt for healthier alternatives. After McDonald’s has re-branded with its McCafe, it began with launching new salads and healthier menu options.

Now, this new launch of the McVegan may mark a new direction for the fast food giant. Finish locals in Tampere have already begun posting pictures of the new product.

There is no word yet on when the new McVegan will launch internationally, or come to North America, but if tests are promising in Finland, we may just get to taste this new sandwich.

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