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Conor McGregor Sparring Partner Thinks Floyd Mayweather Will Easily Win, And This Video Shows Why

Confirmation of the highly anticipated mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has divided fans, but the ‘Notorious’ diehards are backing the reigning UFC lightweight champion despite his novice boxing status. However, one of McGregor’s past sparring partners doesn’t think he will stand a chance against the five-division world champion.

1 YouTube / dima arvis

Less than 24 hours after the match was officially greenlit, former IBO welterweight champion Chris van Heerden posted a video of himself sparring with McGregor from last year. The now viral session shows Van Heerden visibly more experienced than McGregor, which he posted to dishearten the Irish fighter’s supporters.

“People are tweeting and talking and telling me that Mayweather has his hand’s full landing on Conor McGregor,” Van Heerden explained to ESPN. “I’m a professional fighter — boxer. And I’m standing up for the sport. I was just making it very clear that, don’t be ridiculous. If I could land, don’t tell me Floyd Mayweather is not gonna to land.”

Floyd Mayweather remains unbeaten in the boxing ring and Van Heerden is adamant that McGregor won’t be the one to change that. “It’s crazy to think that people can actually compare a fighter that’s 0-0 in a boxing ring compared to a legend that’s 49-0,” Van Heerden told TMZ.

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