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Meet The Father And Daughter Who Used To Be Mother And Son


After getting inspired by the slew of brave people who have come out as transgender over the past few years–specifically Jazz Jennings–one family made the decision to go through the sometimes challenging process of transition.

Eric Maison and his daughter, 15-year-old Corey, were actually born as mother and son. Corey who had always identified as a girl started the transition first, which inspired her mother who was born with the name Erica to transition as well.

Eric explained that he had always felt trapped and identified with men, but he never knew that it was possible that he could actually be one.

Keep reading to hear the incredible story of mother and son who became father and daughter as this brave family went through the process of becoming who they truly are.

Corey is one of five other children all born to Erica who had never felt comfortable in her own skin.

After watching the television documentary series on transgender girl Jazz Jennings, Corey immediately realized that she was the same way.

‘Wow, I’m just like her,’ Corey recalls saying. ‘I’m a girl trapped in a boy’s body.’ She explained that she would always act and pose very girly growing up. This is Jazz with a photo of what she looked like before transitioning. 

That’s when Eric gave Corey one of the best gifts she could receive, which was her first set of hormones to begin transitioning.

Corey began taking puberty blockers at the age of 11 to stop facial hair from growing and to stop the deepening of her voice.

The video in which Corey received her first hormones went viral went they first shared it. You can see the joy radiating on her face as she realizes what it is. 

Eric explained that seeing his daughter’s courage and bravery ‘in the face of so much adversity’ is what gave him the courage to come out.

His process started with a short hair cut, and then he began injecting Testosterone. Since then, his voice has gotten significantly deeper and he can grow facial hair (although he shaves it.)

The part of Eric’s transition that had the most impact was when he had his double mastectomy. The video shows him weeping as he takes in his new appearance.

He explained that he had felt like he was trapped in a woman’s body, and that process really made him feel free. But the process of transitioning isn’t completely free of the emotional weight it can have on others.

Although he is supportive, the transition has been a bit difficult for Les Maison, who is Eric’s husband and Corey’s father. He’s glad for Eric because he can be his real self.

‘It’s difficult because I married this beautiful woman,’ he said. ‘But I’m getting the opportunity to see someone become who they truly are.’

It’s refreshing to see a family so open to the transition of two of its members. Sharing their story might help other families in the same boat, the same way Jazz helped Corey and Eric.

Corey and her family recently went shopping for prom dresses, and one of her sisters is sure that she’s going to be the Prom Queen one day.

Although Eric and Corey are going in opposite directions in terms of gender, they are both walking the same path to being who they truly are.

The only regret that Corey and Eric feel about the entire thing is not being educated enough to know about transgenderism sooner. It’s never too late to become the person you believe you truly are on the inside!


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