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Meet This Former Military Veteran, Hope Howard With A Great Bottom


In general, war movies such as Jarhead, Saving Private Ryan, and Black Hawk Down are more male-oriented in both the target audience as well as the actors. But this does not mean that military service applies strictly to men. In reality, more and more women are enrolling and joining the military.

Hope Howard is one of these women that is not only physically talented but owns a strong sense of patriotism as well.

Read on to find out more about Hope Howard.

As a former United States military veteran with the Air Force, Hope Howard joined the Air Force right when she graduated from high school.

17819057_1164441160344441_4313104779682250752_nHope Howard

She became a Fighter Jet Mechanic and when she was 19 she was deployed to Afghanistan where according to her website she ‘has an M-16 assault rifle strapped to [her] pretty much 24/7.’

17494910_874566752699141_1024810021805883392_nHope Howard

She said that the experience overseas was both the best and the worst experience of her life since it allowed her to grow exponentially and to see the world differently.

17881073_285575348553930_7908878264913887232_nHope Howard

Nowadays, she has still continued to grow but maybe more so physically. She has fulfilled her dream of becoming a model which she aspired to be since she was merely 5 years old.

Hope Howard

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