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Megan Fox Shares Photo Of 3 Sons, And One Of Them Is Wearing A Dress


Megan Fox is an American actress and she is married to Brian Austin Green. The pair has three sons: four-year-old Noah Shannon Green, three-year-old Bodhi Ransom Green, and 1-year-old Journey River Green. 

It was in 2015 after more than five years of marriage that the couple filed for divorce. However, just a year later, Megan was pregnant with their third child, Journey, and the couple reconciled their marriage. But recent photos from Megan’s Instagram showed a picture of her oldest son, Noah, wearing a Frozen princess dress.

While many people lambasted her for the act, many of her fans and followers supported her open-minded decision.

This wasn’t the first time that Megan let her boys wear dresses out in public. Earlier this year, Megan was seen out with her two oldest sons both of whom were happily rocking some dresses.

Noah was seen wearing a pink princess outfit while Bodhi was wearing a tie-dyed, spaghetti strap dress over a shirt and a pair of shorts.

While some complimented the actress by saying: ‘Megan Fox ain’t about enforcing gender roles on her sons and I’m 100% here for it too,’ others were much less kind.

An unnamed person commented: ‘why on earth has Megan Fox dressed her sons up as girls with long hair and pink dresses on!! What a weirdo.’

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