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If Meghan Markle Wants To Marry Prince Harry, She’ll Have To Follow These Bizarre Rules


With rumors of a second baby to be coming from Prince William and Kate Middleton, to Prince Harry and Suits actress Meghan Markle going public, there has been a lot of news and activity happening in the royal family lately.

When Prince Charles first married Kate Middleton in 2010, women everywhere were piping up about how there was one more shot at marrying a Prince.

However, as of October 2015, Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan was confirmed. The pair reportedly met when Prince Harry was visiting Toronto in May, where she lives. He was promoting the Invictus Games for Disabled Servicemen.

Sources who are close to the Royal Family have shared that Harry is ‘happier than he’s been for many years.’ It looks like there might be a new royal wedding in the future, but did you know that if Meghan wanted to marry Prince Harry there would be a few peculiar rules that she would have to abide by?

There were a few rocky moments at the beginning of their relationship, with Harry having to release a statement in Meghan’s defense from what he called ‘a wave of abuse and harassment.’

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Apart from that, it looks like their relationship is strong and isn’t going anywhere very soon. Harry has reportedly already introduced Meghan to his father Prince Charles, and she will be allowed to attend Pippa Middleton’s marriage to James Matthews.

With all those signs, it’s pretty clear that marriage might be down the road for these love birds. But with that, there will come a series of rules that the actress will have to abide by if she wants to join the Royal Family.

Some of them are more serious than others, and some are just plain confusing. Do you think you would be able to follow these rules in order to marry the one you loved?

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