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Meghan Markle Just Proved Her Dominance Over Kate Middleton, To The Tune Of $677 Million

Although we’re still months away from the Royal Wedding, it’s been consistently creating a royal buzz. With Meghan Markle starting to cement her place into the Royal Family, details of her entree are emerging, and it appears as if the “Meghan Effect” is already underway in a monumental capacity.

meghan markle set to bring $677 million to british economyTimeIncUK

Upon her arrival into the Royal Family, Kate Middleton brought forth her very own “Kate Effect” or “Duchess Effect”. Anything she had worn, would fly off the shelves and sell out within seconds. She had become a trendsetter and an icon, bringing upwards of an impressive $205 million to the British economy, which only amounted to even more when their children, Charlotte and George, initiated some effects of their own.

This time around, the impact is set to reach extravagant heights. Weighing the expected profits from tourism, travel, hotels, restaurants, celebrations, and merchandise sales among others, an estimation by Brand Finance projects a boost of $677 million to the British economy, heavily surpassing that of Kate Middleton before her. Markle has been a staple on red carpets in her time, and The New York Times describes her as “a singular mover of product”. It is apparent that she is about to claim a massive following and influence, and take the United Kingdom by storm.

Coming from humble beginnings, and a life that was exploited on social media to the public, Meghan is due to be arguably the most relatable and personable of those to be married into the Royal Family. Being American serves as an even greater advantage, as it expands her fan base. Furthermore, she was on the hit television series “Suits” which is watched worldwide. She is also known to be trendier and less traditional than Kate, which will allow fans to easily mimic her style if they wish.

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