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24 Times Men Did Not Understand Their Chores


Men are known to be very literal beings. Whether they are given instructions or making jokes, the result is that they take a very straightforward approach – often the results of which are hilarious.

Here are some examples of men who have a very “word-for-word” understanding and/or response to different situations.

These are  24 times men did not understand their chores.

1. Reddit user 5ubie posted a photo on Imgur that perfectly captured the struggle he often encounters with his wife. We’ve all been in a similar situation. You’re hungry and you’re with a friend or your significant other so you decide to get some food together. You ask them what they’re in the mood for, and they tell you it doesn’t matter. Taking matters into your own hands, you begin suggesting types of food or places to go but your companion shoots every suggestion down. This indicates that it actually does matter after all even though they have no idea where to go themselves. It’s a very frustrating position to be in, no doubt. Well, 5ubie was tired of receiving the same response from his wife and getting absolutely nowhere in terms of dinner plans. So, after calling his wife to ask what she wants for dinner and receiving the same response as always – “it doesn’t matter”, he decided to make his wife just that…

2. Reddit user TheGreatChattesby is a clever handyman. His wife gave him simple instructions: “fix the toilette” (the handle of which was broken). So her husband fixed it, albeit in an unconventional way. It’s not exactly pretty, but at least it’s functional. I think we can all agree that he “handled” the situation very well.

3. Reddit user Goodgardo found an extremely aggravating (and somewhat petty) way to pick a fight with his wife. Most people fight by yelling at each other, but this guy decided to cut a piece of a cake that hadn’t yet been touched in the very middle. We are sending our thoughts and condolences to his wife and hoping that she doesn’t have OCD.

4. Reddit user CanadianBeard happened to snap a photo of the result of her friend’s husband following his wife’s instructions. She asked him if he could help wrap a shirt that the couple was giving for Christmas. The husband agreed to help and this is how he decided to wrap the shirt.

5. A guy gets asked by his wife to mow the lawn, so he mows the lawn. The wife didn’t tell him how to mow the lawn. Nor did she tell him how much of the lawn he should mow – so he takes some liberty and creates a masterpiece. We’re not so sure that his wife agrees.

6. Twitter user Connie Leonard (@ConnieLeonard) asked her husband to iron her pants – a simple favor, right? Wrong. Her husband gave her some mean creases. I mean, we’re talking 1980s the more obvious the better, kind of crease. Some people are into it, and that’s perfectly fine. Connie, however, seems to think it’s somewhat ridiculous.

7. Reddit user zunairabutt asked her husband to pick up some potatoes. In fact, her instructions were even more specific – she said, “pick up 6 potatoes”. It would be pretty difficult to mess that up because she really couldn’t be more straightforward than that. But of course, her husband found a loophole. This is what he brought back:

8. Reddit user Quarter103 was asked by his wife to get her some tea to help with constipation. The tea is called “Smooth Move” – the name is meant to provide some relief. So what does her husband pick up? A tea called “Morning Thunder” instead. He also decided to post the whole thing on a public thread, so there’s that.

9. Reddit user IamChacarron was asked by his wife to get some spaghetti going on the stove so that she can start dinner as soon as she comes home and doesn’t have to wait for it to boil. Of course, she didn’t say all of that. Her message was “put some spaghetti on the stove”, so he did just that.

10. Vicki Leaver (@avaandluc) asked her husband to put up the Christmas lights in the window. It’s straightforward enough: she gave him exactly what to do, and where to do it. Unfortunately, putting up Christmas lights can be a creative endeavor, so she came back home and found this:

11. Reddit user DyerMkr’s wife was leaving for a week and obviously did not trust her husband enough to adequately feed and care for himself so she left him a note or two. He had a slight inkling that his wife thought that he has Alzheimer’s. Now, that suspicion has been officially confirmed.

12. Reddit user leftnotracks gave his wife puzzle pieces for lunch. His wife asked him to cut her sandwich for her in half, but she made a grave error in not specifying exactly how to cut it in half. This is what he came up with, and frankly, she can’t get mad.

13. Reddit user Weezy_F_Bunny decided to do something sweet and get his significant other the gift of a ring. Although not wanting the ring to be confused as an engagement ring or a proposal of some kind, he also attached a note to the ring. Just for clarification of course.

14. Instagram user @tessa_denae says that she thought she looked cute as hell when she dressed up and went out to see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend though saw an incredible similarity and this is because guys are very literal. Although we have to agree, there’s just far too much in common here.

15. If this screenshot is a joke between two people then it’s hilarious, if it’s intended and the dude just doesn’t think before he speaks then this is the ultimate level of savagery. The girl thought the guy was referring to her, but apparently not. I guess the joke is ultimately on him though, cause he doesn’t seem to have gotten a text back.


16. Reddit user slizzers posted a picture of his sister after she opened the Christmas presents her boyfriend got her. This is probably the most literal example of the very literal humor of guys. We hope she enjoys her gift, but something about her facial expression says that she’s not thrilled.

17. Reddit user tegdirbm posted the result after telling her boyfriend to put some toilet paper on the roll because it’s empty. Apparently, they both have different definitions of what constitutes empty. Her boyfriend thinks there’s more than enough toilet paper to use. It’s all relative.

18. So a girl needed a ride to pick up a paycheck and so she texted her boyfriend to ask if he can help her out. Her boyfriend responded saying: “I just looked all over my truck and nowhere did this [expletive] say taxi”.

19. Reddit user Lis_Blanc_Pur told her husband to buy her some chocolate while he was out of the house. He came back with this chocolate bar. Men everywhere are known for subtlety so do you think he’s trying to tell her something?


20. Reddit user Vytautas574 posted an image of a woman who had asked her husband for an 18 karat necklace. What do you think she received? Here’s a hint: the word ‘carat’ is a homophone. Another great example of how literal guys can be…

21. Reddit user sensiblechuckles asked her husband to hang a mirror in the washroom. Sounds simple enough, and the instructions don’t seem vague. The problem is that her husband happens to be 6’3 and she certainly is not. At least she’ll always know what the top of her head looks like.

22. Twitter user Myhang Gibson (@MyhangMortgage) asked her husband to pick up some raspberries and blueberries from the market. This one is hysterical because it’s fun to imagine a scenario in which he doesn’t know what blueberries are. Perhaps something along the lines of “If I mix red and black, does it make blue?”

23. Twitter user Naz (@Naziirahel) posted a photo which her husband (_abddulraheem) felt the need to ruin by commenting: “You look like you scarf is strangling you”. Look at that sultry look she’s giving _abddulraheem, do you think it’s the right time for your jokes? Although to be fair, he kind of has a point.

24. This woman gave her husband a grocery list and told him to go shopping. She numbered the list but accidentally forgot to put little dots next to the numbers. Well, here’s what ended up happening. We can’t decide if this example of men being literal is adorable or worth a facepalm. We’ll let you decide.


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