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Mermaid Maternity Photos Are A Beautiful New Trend

mermaid main Instagram: mermaiidvibes

The fact that mermaids are so trendy this year is pretty appropriate. Everyone is obsessed with pastels, millennial pink, blue and green. Aside from the aesthetics of color, mermaids are also majestic and beautiful and basically the unicorns of the sea.

With that being said, it was only a matter of time until someone put a creative spin on the classic creature. You’ve seen photos of people dressing up as mermaids, but we’d argue that these maternity mermaids are somehow even more mystical. Maybe it’s the miracle of life. It’s yet to be determined.

These women are rocking their midriff-baring tails. They’ll make you believe that: A) they washed up on the shore and need some help getting back in the water, and B) they are actually pregnant with mermaid babies.

This mermaid actually gave birth the day after this photo was taken. We believe that it was the majestic properties of the mermaid get-up that took it all over the edge.

This mom was obviously destined to be a mermaid. Check out her tattoo! She was born to be in the ocean.

This beauty is soaking up the sun and she looks mesmerizing doing it! (She even has mermaid hair)

This gutsy mermaid decided to submerge her bump under the depths of the National Aquarium of Denmark. How cool is that? And check out how awesome the photo turned out. It looks like an actual mermaid sighting!

This photo of a mermaid and her best friend gives us all of the good feelings. Her tail wouldn’t go up, so her best friend came to the rescue. Mermaids + humans = the best of friends.

I mean, if this isn’t the literal definition of goals then nothing is. The before-and-after shot certainly adds something special. It doesn’t look like the baby is very pleased about the lack of attention.

This is just beautiful. These mermaid mamas make pregnancy look easy and effortless, even when we know it’s not.

This is absolutely stunning. It looks like the image came out of a fantasy and the mermaid found a serene hideout where she can nurse her baby-bump. So heart-warming.


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