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Merriam-Webster Takes On Sexist ‘Doctor Who’ Fans

Over this past weekend, it was announced that Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the first female Doctor Who in the show’s 50-year history. This is a groundbreaking moment for the show which has always cast The Doctor as a male.

Many people were delighted by the news and thought it was about time that the show had better representation. Others were not so thrilled by the choice and decided to make their feelings known over Twitter, otherwise known as the best place to whine.

The fact that so many people took issue with a female Doctor is sad, but not surprising. It’s not the first time that some fans have been upset over a show/film’s decision to give women traditionally male roles. Take last year’s female-led cast of ‘Ghostbusters’ as well as the announcement of a female led-cast of ‘Ocean’s Eight.’

The official Doctor Who Twitter account tweeted the announcement about their casting of Whittaker as the new Dcotor and here was the reaction of one Twitter user.

Other upset people whining include this guy below whose immediate thought after seeing the Doctor Who tweet was “I don’t know about this.”

Or this person, who couldn’t imagine a worse world than the one where “your favorite show” casts someone “of the opposite gender” to play “your favorite character.”

There was one person who went out of this way to set the score of what the reactions look like so far. It seems pretty accurate:

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