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Mia Khalifa Labels Ronda Rousey ‘Embarrassing’ And Gets Savaged By WWE Star


WWE employees are coming to the aide of their sport and company over the comments said by sports anchor Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa labelled Ronda Rousey embarrassing when the UFC star announced she would be going to the WWE.

Rousey has accomplished quite a bit in her young life. She was the woman’s UFC world champion and helped take that division to new heights. She’s had a successful career in modeling and was the first female to guest host on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Some believe that Rousey’s career in the UFC is over and that she never fully recovered from her devastating loss to Holly Holm back in 2015. So it would make sense that moving her career in a different direction was inevitable. So when Mia Khalifa labeled Ronda Rousey “embarrassing” for her decision, what could happen?

Before I answer that, let’s focus on Khalifa for a minute. She used to work in the adult film industry and quit to become a sports anchor. She was one of the most polarizing adult actresses of her time. She hosts a Youtube talk show with ex NBA star Gilbert Arenas. But Khalifa has made her fame mostly through trolling professional athletes on social media.

Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarassing

In most cases, the athletes have a good sense of humor and play along with Khalifa’s antics. But one athlete did not take kindly to her words. Khalifa expressed her disgust in regards to Rousey making the switch from UFC to WWE.

Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarassing Tinseltown/

She labeled the WWE as an industry where careers go to die. She even went further to say that she has no respect for the WWE, claiming it is not a real sport. Arenas tried to put out the fire by believing that Rousey was trying to avoid being savagely beaten in the Octagon again.

Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarassing

Unfortunately, Arenas’s response did not stop Khalifa from continuing her remarks towards Rousey. Khalifa went on to say that it’s embarrassing to leave real fighting and go to a company that pretends to fight.

Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarassingA.RICARDO/

After Khalifa’s comments, there were plenty of backlashes which included remarks from former WWE star Hurricane Helms. Helms replied by stating that he wouldn’t get upset over remarks from a Porn Star. He also went on to add that a wrestler’s bodies take a pounding and so did hers. So Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarrassing, and she gets burned because of it! Many fans of the WWE were happy to see Helms come to the defense of the sport.

In regards to Rousey’s fans, many of them are disappointed that she is leaving the UFC. However, true fans of an athlete just want to see him/her be happy. This is the case with Rousey’s fans, as they are thrilled that she is continuing her career.

Mia Khalifa labels Ronda Rousey embarassing KathyHutchins/

One individual that is also happy that Rousey is leaving the UFC is UFC President Dana White. White considers Rousey more than just a fighter, but a close friend as well. He expresses his care for her and knows that the UFC star has made more than enough money to stop fighting.


White said in a statement: “I am a big Ronda Rousey fan; she took the UFC to new heights and helped put the woman’s UFC division on the map. I couldn’t be happier with her and the tough decision to walk away from the UFC.” As for Khalifa, despite getting burned on social media, I’m sure she will fire back with more remarks.



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