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Mia Khalifa Visited The Doctor And Everyone Is Making The Same Joke


Mia Khalifa is known for speaking her mind over social media. She has made many enemies because of this. According to Unilad News, Mia Khalifa had a visit to the doctors and the entire public is making the same joke about her.

Khalifa posted a picture of herself on Instagram after returning from the doctors, but that picture resulted in a lot of jokes.

The 24-year-old former adult actress was complaining of back and neck pain. She thanked the doctor for enabling her to have a full range of motion in her neck in just under an hour.

Obviously, questions began to roll in on why Khalifa was suffering from back and neck pain. Many people assumed that the back pain is a result of her large chest.

Mia Khalifa

On her Instagram, Khalifa wrote “Thank you @universalrehab and Dr. Regalado for fixing my neck and back today!! I was a walk-in and was seen and treated right away!”

Mia Khalifa

Some of the comments that were posted on her Instagram included people crudely assuming how Khalifa repaid the doctor for his good work.

Mia Khalifa TeroVesalainen/

One Instagram user posted “Not surprised you had back pain with the size of those watermelons.” Another user posted “Gee I wonder why your neck and back hurt, it certainly isn’t from your past job.”

Mia Khalifa

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