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This Is What Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Like Without All The Cosmetic Surgery

It’s no secret that the Michael Jackson who started out as a young star and the Michael Jackson that we remember today looked like two completely different people. Though he denied it, Michael did go through a fair share of surgeries.

The king of pop clearly changed the structure of his entire face. The change was so drastic that it’s hard to believe that adult Michael was the same person as little Michael singing in the Jackson 5.

According to experts, Michael’s face went through many difficult procedures, including cheek implants, skin bleaching, chin restructuring, botox, fillers and lip augmentation. He also had a number of operations on his nose, which later led to a few issues with his breathing.

There are many of us who can’t help but wonder how exactly Michael Jackson would look like had he not done all the changes to his appearance.

But it’s important to note that his surgeries went much deeper than just to look good. It was tied to his troubled childhood.

A childhood that consisted of abuse and gaining a great deal of spotlight from such a young age. That’s a lot of pressure on a little boy.

Jackson was in constant battle with who he was and experts believe that he had suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

In the documentary, The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson, a photo emerged of what experts believe Michael would look like without any surgery

Jackson’s sister, La Toya, talks about the moment that Michael wanted to get his first rhinoplasty and how he was extremely nervous to get it.

In the film, she said that her brother was so nervous about getting his first nose job that he managed to convince her to go first so he could see how it looked and if it actually hurt.

She said, “He wanted to get his nose done…he kept saying: ‘What do you think? What do you think?’ I said: ‘Michael if that’s what you want, if it’s gonna make you feel better, get it done.’”

She continued, saying “He asked me: ‘Can you be the guinea pig for me? Can you get your nose done and let me see how it looks, and if it hurts?”

Once La Toya got it done, Michael was satisfied and decided to go ahead and do the operation for himself in 1979. This was the moment his journey began in the world of plastic surgery.

Though Michael’s appearance did change drastically, the king of pop still denied that he had any work done, other than his nose.

In an interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson said “I’ve had no plastic surgery on my face, just my nose. It helped me breathe so I can hit higher notes. I’m telling you the honest truth…”

But according to body dysmorphic disorder expert, Dr. Eda Gorbis, Jackson could have had up to as many as 100 procedures and was showing characteristics of the illness.

However, the most shocking part of the documentary was when experts presented a photo of what they believed Jackson would have looked like if he had zero work done.

The image seems pretty accurate because it resembles a lot of the Michael Jackson we all remember and loved from back in the day.

It’s no secret that Michael Jackson’s troubled past gave him a number of demons to deal with and created some insecurities in himself. But regardless how he looked, we loved and will continue to love him unconditionally.


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