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Michael Jackson’s Son Makes Surprising Revelation About His Father’s Fame


Michael Jackson solidified his place in the pop culture zeitgeist with an acclaimed career that lasted over four decades. The “King of Pop” has won hundreds of accolades, making him the most decorated musician in history, including:

  • 25 American Music Awards,
  • 12 Grammy Awards.

Jackson achieved a level of fame not many other artists have or ever will have, but that’s not the easiest concept to understand when you know him best as ‘dad.’

When your father is the known as the “King of Pop,” the level of stardom is evident. However, Jackson’s eldest son had a surprising revelation about his dad’s fame.

Michael Jackson’s children have remained relatively out of the spotlight throughout their lives. However, Jackson’s eldest son, Prince, broke the silence when he sat down with ABC News for an interview on what life was like after his father’s death.

While Prince has chosen not to pursue his father’s level of fame, he has chosen to follow his footsteps in humanitarianism. In 2000, the Guinness World Records recognized Jackson as supporting more charities than any other entertainer and Prince understands that importance.

Prince co-founded a student organization, Heal Los Angeles, at Loyola Marymount University in vein of his father’s “Heal the World.” Prince states that the organization’s mission is to end child abuse, homelessness and hunger.

While Prince used the interview to promote his charitable student organization, he also answered questions on what it was like to have such an influential public figure as a father.

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