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Michelle Obama Dressed Up As Beyoncé In Honor Of Her Birthday

Though you may not know it, former first lady Michelle Obama and pop sensation r&b singer Beyoncé have a friendship that goes back to 2008. Back when former President Barack Obama won the election, Beyoncé performed at his inauguration.

Their friendship is one of a typical female friendship even despite their status. They even have girls’ nights together along with Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange. The former first lady is known for being a huge supportive of her fellow black women and Beyoncé is no exception.

The two have created a strong friendship and camaraderie, working together on various charities and movements. Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z were even invited to presidential dinners and various presidential fundraisers over the years.

All one has to do is just read this one tweet that Michelle sent out about Beyoncé to see how much the former first lady adores her friend.

And in support of her famous friend, Michelle decided to honor Beyoncé’s 26th birthday by posing as Beyoncé in her “Formation” music video. Yep, that’s Michelle Obama!

It’s a perfection duplication, right?

Of course, Twitter lost their minds when the video went live, all tweets embellished with exclamation marks and/or emoji’s showcasing their love.

And Michelle wasn’t the only one to join in on the fun! Beyoncé’s other friends dressed up to honor their BFF too! Destiny’s Child alumni Kelly Rowland stepped up to the plate to show her love for her childhood friend.

Alongside Kelly Rowland was the Queen of Tennis herself: Serena Williams!

And even Beyoncé’s mother-in-law, Gloria Carter, dressed up too to honor Beyoncé too.

But Michelle Obama’s is the one that gets us feeling the most hyped up. After all, who doesn’t love that the former first lady and Beyoncé are friends? The Twitterverse has sure got their reactions right.


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