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Kate Middleton And Prince William Share The One Thing They Don’t Allow In Their House

Everything that the Royals do is observed and talked about constantly. They’re a bigger deal than celebrities themselves. They are also very aware that many people see them as role models and try to emulate their behavior. Of course, you can’t exactly emulate being infinitely wealthy unless you happen to be.

We’re talking about behaviors and mannerisms. After all being regal is a lifestyle, not just a title. But even apart from all the fussy details, people are interested in their family life and what it’s like inside the walls of Kensington Palace. Since they are in no way in need of publicity, they are rather private about their day to day life.

After Prince William and Kate Middleton’s recent royal tour with the kids, insiders have come forth with some new information on how they raise their children and what their life is really like. It appears that it is very important to the couple that their children have as normal a childhood as possible. That is probably not the easiest thing in the world for them, but good on them for the effort.

Reports claim that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge do not allow Prince George and Princess Charlotte to use iPads. They instead know them as “mommy and daddy’s toys.” The couple would rather see their children playing outside than staring at a screen.

The insider revealed that “as two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play, and encouraging an active imagination. They’re very much a normal family.”

Obviously, they can’t be perfectly normal, but they are as normal as they can possibly be. It must be tough on the parents to try to raise a family amidst the craze over the royal family. How do you keep anything private in a climate like that?

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Not to mention, the kids are probably too young to understand what’s happening so we can imagine they look confused the majority of the time. You can’t really blame them either. Imagine being a couple of years old and walking outside to thousands of people all cheering and waving at you.

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