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Mila Kunis Asked What Ashton Does To Annoy Her—This Was Her Response

In an interview with E! News on October 24, Mila Kunis opened up about her married life with Ashton Kutcher and about whether or not her kids annoy her. They also spoke about what their family life is like during Christmastime.

The pair got married in 2015 and have two children together. Their daughter, Wyatt, was born in 2014 and Kunis gave birth to their son, Dimitri, in November of last year. When she was asked if Kutcher did anything that annoyed her she said, “My husband does not annoy me. He really doesn’t. It’s an honest answer and it’s the opposite of what people want to hear. I don’t know if [being annoyed] happens later; we’ve only been married for a handful of years, and it’s still very much in the honeymoon phase.”

When it came time to talk about her kids, Kunis said, “My 10-month-old, even if he’s going through a sleep regression, doesn’t annoy me. And my three-year-old doesn’t annoy me either. She’s inquisitive and wants to know about life and how everything functions and everything is wonderful and beautiful. I’m just not at the annoyed stage.”

She also described her daughter as being a very laid-back child…one who also doesn’t really understand the concept of Santa.

When it comes to the idea of Santa, Kunis said her daughter thinks about it more logically than anything else. “She’s like, ‘Why is a stranger in my house?’ So she tries to be very logical about it and we’re like, ‘Cause it’s magical…’” she said.

She also said her 10-month-old son isn’t too excited about the holidays and hasn’t even asked for anything this year.

However, Kunis said that she and her family partake in the traditional festivities such as setting up a Christmas tree and doing garland. “We try to make it as fun and festive [as possible] because we love it.”


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