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16 Pictures That Will Make You Say, ‘Why Are You Doing This To Me?’

Have you ever seen something that made you feel so much rage, but there was nothing you could do about it? These mildly infuriating pictures may bring up memories of those times. In those moments of anger, it’s hard to focus on anything else. As these frustrating photos show, those moments can sometimes be hard to forget.

Anything can drive a person crazy, from an improperly prepared meal to a poorly drawn picture, to an incomplete puzzle. These mildly infuriating pictures may make your blood boil, but hopefully you can at least take some time to laugh at how ridiculous the world can be sometimes. The truth is, these things happen pretty regularly.

These are just some of the most frustrating photos out there on the internet, but if you look harder, you can easily find more. However, why would you want to? Maybe you just thrive on being annoyed, or maybe you enjoy other people having a hard time. Either way, try to take some joy from these mildly infuriating photos.

1. There’s nothing quite like a bright, beautiful sunbeam streaming through your window…Except when you’re trying to sleep in.

2. Doesn’t this just make you want to reach forward and fix this guy’s ear? Would that be a weird thing to do? It might be.

3. Some people work for something for so long to find out that there was just one piece missing. It sounds philosophical, but it’s actually just irritating.

4. When you ask for your sandwich cut in half, you expect it to be cut in half. What is this mess?

5. How about when you’re taking an online test and you realize that sometimes it’s better to have a human marking your answers?

6. “These stupid computers! I’ve only had it for a month and all of a sudden it’s so slow and frustrating to use. They need to make these things better!”

7. Oh thank you so much for printing that extra page of information. It’s probably going to come in very handy with the rest of what was printed.

8. How could anyone possibly wait the full 876 seconds? They’d need something to do, like watch a TV show or something…

9. Which way have the volume keys always gone? That’s a question someone should have asked in quality control.

10. How can you tell right away that it’s going to be a bad day? How about when even your toilet paper doesn’t work properly.

11. You get into the office a couple of minutes late, but you’re fired up and ready to start. Then your computer does this once you turn it on.

12. If you live with someone who opens things like this, are they really worth living with? You know the answer: no. It really is not.

13. What makes this burger so fancy? Obviously it’s gourmet because the sauce is placed on top of the bun so it can conveniently get all over your hands.

14. Remember when they used to stamp packages with a big red “FRAGILE?” Whatever happened to those days? Now we just end up with packages like this.

15. What a wasted opportunity. This is what happens when you don’t hire someone with an English degree to make your signs.


16. If anyone ever manages to get a Reese’s cup out of the paper fully intact, it will be a day to remember.


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